Monday, May 4, 2015

This Morning

This morning, in the fog of sleep,
I let a poem get away from me.

Lyrically, it ran through my mind
With contemplative beauty
It pondered purples, capturing the essence of a
Dream dreamed.

As I succumbed to the folds of sleep
I trusted it to come back to me
As they so often do.

This morning, I dreamed of our goodbyes
Via phone and text as a change of plans
Prevented in person hugs and kisses and
Blessings and toasts to your future.

You were so lyrical in your happiness
Speaking of noticing purple in a field,
Echoing Shug, contemplating the certainty of
Your dreams coming true.

As I yielded to the ache of releasing you
To your new life, I trusted us to come
Back to a new place, as we so often did.

This morning
Created a mortal tear in the universe.

As I surrendered to the news, I
Crumpled to the floor to weep until
My soul
For the moment
Could weep no more.

I arose
Contemplating the lyricism of
Losing two purple poems in
One day.

In memoriam of Ira “Skip” Singer, a dear friend.

© Copyright Sabrina Sojourner 2015


  1. Wow. I wrote a heartfelt comment, a short poem of appreciation and of how this affected me. And Google wanted me to sign in again to post it. I did. And the post was gone.

  2. August, Thank you, nonetheless. Be well.